Montrose beach

Mars view from Montrose Beach

Mars is brighter than it’s been for six years, since December 2007. Last evening provided the best weather for taking a few snapshots of the red planet. Montrose Beach in Chicago Illinois has some good locations without much interruption from any of the big skyscrapers. Upon my arrival I was concerned because of the big cloud cover but as the sun went down the stars began to appear. It took me a while to locate Mars. Despite been able to see it with my eyes, I could not lock on it with my camera lens. Consider my lens is only a 80mm,

not really the proper gear. I decided the best way to capture the red planet  was to find a point of reference. The closer I got to Lake Michigan the harder it became to find any without loosing composition. I decided to walk back to the beach and finally found a good spot. The light tower gave me what I needed and this is the only shot (Featured Image) that captures the red planet the best and although it is only a small dot on the upper left hand corner I am happy with the results. I am sure you can probably find far better shots across the web but this one is the best I could achieve with my gear. I am also including eight more pictures because of the star formation within them.

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One thought on “Mars view from Montrose Beach

  1. We have way to much light pollution in London to even consider any projects like this.

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