Room for improvement Day 81

Greetings and good evening. Just completed my typing test and reach 37WPM. Very good results.

Tomorrow I will visit a good friend of mine and gift him a few camera related lens adapters as well as a trail camera. He has a huge backyard which he is always getting tons of birds coming thru and wants to make some good photographs so it’s going to help him achieve that.

I completed doing a sound treatment and started to document my results. I just need a few more things and I will begin doing some real recordings soon.

The two mics that are really making a big difference are my AKG Condenser mic and my Sony Mini shotgun mic. My initial recordings were a bit on the echo and room bounce experiment and no sound treatment at all. I think they sounded very rough. After laying out the blankets and hanging a few foam panels it is really starting to sound a lot better.

Below is a video of some simple methods that I applied to get my small area ready for recording and that you may find useful too.

Sound dampening

Room for improvement day 80

Happy weekend my friends. Hope you are enjoying it and make the best of what’s left of your Saturday and give yourself some rest for Sunday.

Work was busy and it was hard to get things accomplished in the realm of the internet. I still have much editing to do in terms of product commercials footage and photos. Sometimes it is good to take a short break and let the brain relax before heading into new ventures.

I did do my typing test and manage to stay at 34WPM. Today I want to share one of my favorite bands The Midnight, they are a retro synth band from California. Hope you all enjoy the song. I have been listening to them for a while and I really do think they are amazing.

The Midnight

Room for improvement day 79

greetings and salutations. Today was a great day, I was able to purchase material for a sound proof or should i day sound dampening room I’m building in order to do voice recordings. I’m excited at how easy it was to set up the material and they were cost effective too.

A door sweep for the bottom of the door to get rid of the gap in between the bottom frame. A weather strip to reinforce the smaller door gaps. A two panel set up which I wrapped up in a plain moving blanket and a tougher moving blanket which I still need to figure out how to hang.

Only just few hours I had everything set up and ready up on the door and the windows. Now comes the true test were I’ll do a sound check and see how well it all works. So far there is a noticeable difference.

I did do my typing test today for only ten minutes and averaged around 29 to 35 WPM. Not the best that I done but ultimately it is to build muscle memory in the fingers as well.

Have a great weekend and will chat more tomorrow. Thanks for following along!

Skid Row

Room for improvement Day 78

Greetings and good evening. Hope the day finds you healthy and happy. A productive start to my work day. Got a few more steps into my other blog sharing information about the Tascam DR05. The Tascam is an Audio recorder with many useful features and reproduces good audio quality for many occasions.

I get asked questions via Youtube or Amazon regarding specific factors involving the device, such as what batteries it uses, what SD card does it take, what type of mics can be used with it and things of that nature.

I created a little series to answer those question and I can just easily send a video link and answer my viewers quickly.

I will link a playlist below so if you are curious as to what its about then you can check it out.

I’m about to get to my typing test. Sometimes I start with it and sometimes like this evening its afterwards but I will still get it done.

See you tomorrow and thanks for reading!!!

Room for improvement Day 77

Greetings and good day. Hope you are in good health and that you are accomplishing your goals and dreams.

Today was a good experience for me regarding photography. I booked a large room to begin working on my product photos which i have been stockpiling gear for a few months now. I brought all my lights, well a good bulk of them. My new soft light. My products, which included colognes and a little recorder.

The first hour was set up. And then the fun began. I knew I was going to hit a bit of a curve and I did. The Godox flash I was using was not working as I expected. I finally got it going.

I started with the colognes. Aqua Di Gio, Paradigm and Coach New York. I had a lot of fun learning and getting to know the settings and the way the light reacted with the objects.

I film a few videos as well. Overall is was a productive and fun time. Now I have to start editing all that stuff and hope that I can have enough time to make my post as I intend too.

I still need to do my typing test. I want to wish an incredible and successful evening and I’m looking forward to sharing what turns out for me tomorrow. Here’s a song for you.

Room for for improvement Day 76

Spring has arrived and you can feel the energy all around us. Last night I began working on sound proofing a small area to record voice overs. I recorded a few samples with the camera inside the space before treatment and today I plan on adding more sound dampers to the room and will try to record the difference.

Eventually I will add some lights. So far I think this will work out far better than the office rentals and safe me a few bucks down the road.

I’m still actively promoting the Amazon products. The latest will be the little Zoom H1n. I got the red version. Not that the color makes a big difference in performance but I initially got it to compare with my old Tascam DR05.

I did my typing and stayed at 33WPM average. Feeling very confident and excited for the future. I continue to move forward in small increments but they are adding up over time and I am grateful.

Below are a few links to my product videos in case you are interested and would like to help my business. I appreciate everyone of you and your support.

Room for improvement day 74

Another weekend has come to a close. For it was the start of my work week. Many celebrated St. Patricks Day. I was at work so missed the festivities even if I don’t drink I get to watch people party here and there.

I just wrapped up my typing and I stayed at or above 33WPM. Very happy to get the week started off to a good start and even took advantage of the high winds to go and fly a kite, yes I still fly a kite, it’s fun and since I live in a high wind city I might as well make the best of it.

I have a new audio recorder coming in the mail tomorrow and I’m eager to start using it. Zoom H1n is one that I read about and heard great stories about. I want to improve on my audio skill and this will be a fantastic way to go about it.

I hope that you are enjoying the last hours of your Sunday and that you are well and healthy. In case you want to try to give yourself a typing session below is a link to the Ten Fast Fingers site the I use every day. See you tomorrow.

Room for improvement Day 73

Greetings and salutations. Today I’m writing to you from an office space which is also an art gallery. Very comfortable area and I’m sharing the space with David who is a very nice guy. I was also invited to come to an art gallery exhibit on the first of April which happens to be here in the building.

I took my typing test earlier and managed to stay within the 35WPM mark. Not too bad. I was also able to get of many new videos which included a few tutorials on cameras. One for the Kodak cameras on how to charge the battery and another on the JVC Everio on how to adjust the Manual White Balance.

Overall a very productive day and so very happy to be making sells. It may not be trememendous but I can feel a little momentum starting which I’m very pleased with.

One thing that will set the difference is my mindset. The use of positive affirmations whenever something negative comes to mind will minimize the negative thought and keep the positive flow going. This is crucial in attaining the goals. Since now I am in a whole different place from were I was. I know that positive thinking changed my life in its entirety and now have great wealth and happiness.

I will continue to move forward and move to higher places. I intend to help many others along the way until the can forge a better future for themselves. I only wish I had started sooner but I’m moving faster and faster towards the things I need to succeed.

Offering my skills and knowledge to others brings me great joy. I truly love helping people and seeing the results in their lives. My best friend and brother John has helped me along the way. He is a true angel and giving spirit, I’m blessed to have him in my life. And my family that appeared in my darkest time. I will be grateful for all of it and thankful for my every breath and new encounters.

I hope this writing finds you well and in good health. All I want is for you to be happy and that the light shines on you every single day. For now I give you this song and I will see you tomorrow.